Superior Load Cover Features

High Quality Aluminium

Superior load cover uses extruded aluminum slats which are powder coated, resulting in a scratch resistant, durable, NO rust finish. Aluminium is a superior product being lightweight, yet very strong, and is not easily broken. The cover is designed to be weather resistant and durable, made of at least 95% of non rust-able aluminium and composite products.

Secure Your Goods

Superior load cover ensures that your goods are locked and secured and reduce the possibility of theft. The slats are strong and are impenetrable by hammer, thus providing you with ease of mind when leaving your vehicle unattended. The closed load cover can carry a weight of 500kg, evenly distributed over the whole area. It’s safe to say we’re the strongest on the market.

Women Friendly

With more and more ladies driving bakkies, the feature of a springless, easy glide design enables you to open and close the load cover with minimal effort and maximum glide control. Fantastic for quickly popping your work laptop in the ‘boot’, loading groceries, or sporting gear. There is no need for brute strength or excess pulling to close this cover, resulting in it being very lady friendly.

Aesthetics & Security

Not only do superior load covers provide you with top-notch security, but they are aesthetically pleasing, as the mounting brackets are inside the load box. The covers are secured by an engineered clamping system which eliminates any holes being drilled into the bakkie body. Our sleek design adds value to your vehicle and enhances your security without drawing attention to your goods.

Efficient & Effective

This product is competitively priced and designed to offer maximum product efficiency and effectiveness. An added bonus of our superior load cover is the fact due to this system not having any springs, the load cover can be partially opened without the whole lid “sliding back” into the roll. Easy to keep clean and maintain. Suitable for roof racks, mounting of accessories or roll bars.

Water & Dust Seal

Our unique slat system incorporates a patented rubber extruded gasket that prevents dust particles and water droplets from sneaking between the slats into the load box, making our covers virtually dust-proof and water-proof under normal weather conditions. All internal components have been specifically sourced to ensure our covers are virtually rust proof.