Are you looking for a load bin cover, bakkie cover or smart cover?

You have landed on the right page, because there has been a revolution in the cover industry!

SUPERIOR LOAD COVER now offers the latest technology in Aluminium roller shutter covers for the back of SUV’s, Utility vehicles and bakkie’s.

Apart from the fact that they look fantastic,
Maintain global standards
of high-grade quality with
ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification,

Why are they Superior?

Superior Load Covers are the ONLY low profile, aluminium sliding shutter covers on the market that have NO springs, which means No rusting components, and NO tug-of-wars with pulling straps.

Due to our system not having springs, there is no tension on the cover so it opens and closes with ease and slides on a “rolling wheel” system. They do not spring open, and can be closed using only the handle.

New to load bin covers, is the patented rubber gaskets in-between the slats on the Superior Load Covers.

These have been designed to keep virtually all water and dust out of the hold, this rubber is manufactured to a very high standard and can withstand 160 degrees, because we understands that most vehicles are required to withstand rugged and harsh conditions.



It is possible to unlock the tail gate with a key whilst still having the Superior Load Cover locked, this makes it a very smart bakkie cover, ensuring safety and security of goods in transit and minimizing “smash and grab” opportunities.

Superior Load Cover has a second locking feature for entry level vehicles that are manufactured without tail gate key locks. This system secures the tailgate from the inside.


Because living in South Africa poses many unique challenges, Superior Load Covers are designed with easy glide features for smooth closing, with an efficient, double locking system that safely secures your goods.

Superior Load Covers ensure suitability for both men and women because they are aesthetically good looking, with brute reliability.

Superior Load Covers are suitable for all major vehicle brands, that have an internal lip on the load bin, as they require NO DRILLING into the load body.

This is especially beneficial when it comes to re-sale of the vehicle, because the cover can be removed and there will be no holes in the load bin body.

Installation can be done by a trained installer with 1 hour on or off site.



Not only do Superior Load Covers look fabulous,

You are also able to fit most unmodified car accessory onto them such as;
Roll bars, styling bars, roof racks...

Making them very workable for business or pleasure.


When  Heinz originally designed our cover, he wanted to design a cover that was tough and hard working like the people that would be using them. He also wanted a cover that was virtually maintenance free, because he understands that you are busy and do not have time for hassles. He wanted a cover that was, not only great looking, but one that added value to your vehicle and lifestyle.

When it came to the installation, he needed to it to be efficient, quick and effective. With no damage to the vehicle, and made in such a way that it could be taken on and off, if required.

He really wanted a cover that was SUPERIOR to everything currently on the market, so that was what he designed.


We make covers for all major vehicle brands